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ABSolution! Field Reporter#1: Meet Carrie

April 29, 2010

Hello!   My name is Carrie and I am an ABSolution! workout test subject.

In the next weeks and months, I will be using the ABSolution! workouts and reporting back to give readers a field report on how this program works.  I am excited about this opportunity, but also nervous.  Fitness has not come easy to me, but it’s become a necessity in my life for health reasons.  So you are sure to hear some cursing and whining along the way, as well as some baby-steps explanations that might be of interest to other exercise newbies.

I am going to start from the very beginning of the book, with workout #1.  My goal is to learn all the moves and experience all the workouts by end of this summer.

Here are some quick stats about me before I get out my measuring tape and really do this.


Carrie M.



Zodiac Sign…



Writer, Editor, Writing Instructor

Lives with…

Husband, Adrian;  Daughter, Matilda;  dog, Pablo


reading, Mexican folk art, the smell of Play-Doh, coconut popsicles, herb gardens, when things get canceled, vampires in popular culture, Gossip Girl, visiting Italy, dark chocolate, wandering through the stacks at public libraries, thrift stores and dark roast coffee


pantyhose, boiled eggs, going to concerts, Wal-Mart, talking on the telephone, televised sports, making my bed, window decals & traffic

Health Concerns…

I am pre-diabetic and need to keep working on the fitness program I started about 15 months ago so I can keep my blood sugar low and lose weight.  I hope to reverse my prediabetes.

I have insomnia and generalized anxiety, which I medicate for, but which I am constantly dealing with, as lack of sleep and anxiety both make me hungry, crabby and uninterested in exercise.

I also have some emotional eating issues.  I’m a big fan of Geneen Roth’s books on this topic, which have been enormously helpful.

Fitness Experience…

I have experience with bicycling, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, cross-country and downhill skiing, racquetball, jogging, tennis against my garage door, circuit training, kettlebells and weight training.

In high schooI, I played softball and volleyball, until I realized I was a terrible hitter and too short for volleyball.  I did enjoy competitive swimming for a time.  Beyond a game of street kickball with the neighborhood kids, I do not play any organized sports.

Fitness Motivators….

I love podcasts for weight training. My favorites include:  anything from, Real Time with Bill Maher, the Dan Savage LoveCast, Fresh Air with Terri Gross, In Bed with Susie Bright and Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett.

I love to walk my dog.  Usually it’s pretty leisurely, but I have started to run intervals with him.  Seeing him excitedly sprinting alongside me cracks me up and keeps me going.

I work out at the YMCA and must say that it is not the fit people who motivate me.  It’s the 60-year-old woman lifting weights or the 300 lb. guy sweating on the treadmill that remind me to never give up.

I also love to check things off lists!  I have a list on the refrigerator to clock in my workouts, plus an exercise log book and a general to-do list notebook.  I’m a geek about such things.

Fitness Challenges…

Two fitness activities that I cannot stand are yoga and running.

I can’t explain my yoga aversion.  I know you can’t technically “fail” at yoga…but I always feel like I do.  So I just avoid it.

Running is getting easier, though slamming one’s body on the ground still seems counterintuitive.

I also am not fond of group classes, or at-home fitness.  I need to work out alone, with my own music or interior monologue.

And, sadly, I am very motivated by gym fees.  In a perfect fantasy world, I would do all sorts of productive, hearty labor – chop wood, carry water – that naturally involve using my own muscles and stamina to provide for my family.  But in this imperfect, real world, I am a fan of reading on my couch, lounging in my backyard and reading junk online.  So it’s off to the gym for me!

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  1. fluxgusto permalink
    May 5, 2010 5:38 pm

    It’s as if I’m reading about me. Health concerns, fitness experience, big boobs that contribute to a contempt for running, all this right down to the dislike of window decals and pantyhose. I am interested in following your journey I’ll be there with you kicking rocks and muttering similar words of disdain under my breath right before sucking it up, enduring the challenge and reaping the rewards.

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