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Workout #2: Random Thoughts

May 12, 2010

Today I did a mile of sprint-intervals (sprintervals!) and then workout #2 from ABSolution!

Here are some things that occurred to me while this was happening:

*  It is easier to run if you are not fat.

*  You need a more substantial sports bra, my dear.  You might have less bounce but there’s still a fair amount of ounce there in the chesticle region.  Invest.

*  Tighter pants are also in the cards.  Hitching them up to the armpits constantly is a giant pain.  Though I suppose if one has to have camel-toe, having it in a gym is probably the least shameful of locations.

*  While I’m discussing fitness wear, who invented those fold-over-waist yoga pants?  Because I would like to smack them into next week.  I hate those things.  I already have a roll of fat in that spot there so there’s no need for an artificial one, thanks.

*  The best time to have the track to myself and plenty of space for core work at my YMCA is between 1-3 pm.

*  Two pigtails are better than a single ponytail when it comes to mat-work.

*  Quit forgetting to bring a rolled-up towel for your forehead!  Otherwise the Prone Alternate Arm/Leg Lifts are Awk. Ward.

*  Why are resistance bands different colors and lengths?

*  If you are a heterosexual woman and there is shirts-and-skins pick-up basketball in the gym below your running track, that is pretty damn awesome.

*  It might seem like I’m sitting on this stability ball and doing nothing, sonny jim, but notice the sweat pouring off my face.  You try curling your navel to your spine.

*  Tie those shoes in double knots, sweetie.  Stopping to tie is a likely excuse!

* Bridge on Mat just kicked Shoulder Blade Squeeze out of the top slot for Favorite Move.

Today’s Playlists


Empire State of Mind / Jay-Z

In My Head / Jason Derulo

SexyBack / Justin Timberlake

Inside Out / Eve 6

Hey Man, Nice Shot / Filter

With A Heavy Heart / Does It Offend You, Yeah?

ABSolution Workout #2

Runaway / The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Sweet Disposition / The Temper Trap

Just Breathe / Pearl Jam

Crack the Shutters / Snow Patrol

The Field / Mason Jennings

Milk / Kings of Leon

Harmonium / Rogue Wave

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