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Building a Strong Core

May 17, 2010

The effects of running the day after are  both horrible and delicious to me.  I like feeling sore, knowing I was working really hard and not being my usual weenie self.

But so far, it seems that building a strong core is a bit different.

Prior to doing the ABSolution! workout, each time I am convinced they won’t be very difficult. Certainly the directions are straightforward, and the photos of Swen demonstrating everything are quite clear.   And, while I sweat like a whore in church, it’s true that these workouts are not difficult.

But unlike the post-run day, there’s not a soreness, but more of an awareness, really, of the underlying structure of my body and what makes it move.

I’m hanging laundry and I feel it.

I’m starting the lawn mower and I feel it.

I bend over to hook up the leash to my dog and I feel it.

Even sitting at my desk and stretching my arms over my head and ‘I feel it.

“It” is an integrated system that keeps me upright and mobile and agile – my core.  Working “it” seems to add a bit more strength to my body’s fund.  This is different than having sculpted abs.  I just feel like I’m becoming more able and more balanced.  And it’s only been a few weeks.  I’m really excited to see what develops next.

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