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It’s time to sit up straight.

May 24, 2010

I’m preparing myself for my ABSolution transformation. That’s what I will call it since I’ve managed to take the 6 months of heavy working out with a Jillian Michael’s book this fall and flush it down the drain in a matter of 3 months. Why did I do this you may ask? Hmm.. that’s a good question. I’d like to say it’s simply because my husband got a new job, we put the house on the market – sold – bought a new house and moved across town… but that seems too sissy of a reason. Really.. we can’t focus all of our energy on too many passions at once, can we? So I’ve eaten junk, gotten a horrible new fast food addiction (what the heck happened to my love of cooking?) and a confused body. Somehow I’ve managed to keep my weight pretty similar. However, I can feel that it’s all out of wack and angry. I slouch, my back aches and I pull random muscles while doing household chores. This is not the me that I’m looking for.

I’m on a journey now to strengthen this core back up and knock out my aches and pains from loading the dishwasher. I’m 34, but I feel a good 10-15 years older and that must change! I’m sitting here at my computer, reading Swen’s book and chuckling at the irony of how I’m all slouched over, reading about not slouching. If there was ever a glaring reason to start something – this is it.

So far, I’m extraordinarily pleased with the flow of the book. Easy reading. Manageable preparation that’s illustrated like a “Getting the Gut you Want for Dummies”. Yes, this is the book for me!

This is Cami and this is the start of my ABSolution story.

I’ll see you, sitting straight up, tomorrow.


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