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Changing Things Up

May 27, 2010

It’s hard for me to change my workout routine.  Just incorporating the ABSolution! workouts into my weekly plan was difficult.  I had strict cardio and weights days, all mapped out.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, I’d read the new issues of Lucky and The Atlantic while on the elliptical or bike, and Tuesdays and Thursdays, I listened to Bill Maher or Terry Gross while lifting weights, and Fridays and Saturdays I read whatever new juicy book came in for me at the library while doing some other cardio thing, and there was darkness and there was light,  post-workout snacks and pre-workout snacks, this was how I shaped my life and times, hallelujah, world without end, amen.

Obviously, I am capable of change, and if you know my husband, you are aware of how much tumult that man adds to my cozy routine.  But fitness is different.  It’s still a relatively new habit for me, and screwing with my established patterns is difficult.

A list of worries related to fitness changes:

– that I won’t be able to do new program competently

– that I won’t be able to do new program AT ALL

– because of above, my workout time will be completely wasted and as if I did nothing at all

– that I will look ridiculous while trying to execute new workout program

– that I won’t like the new program and dread doing it, thus derailing my whole motivation to be fit in the first place and return to a life of watching television with a bag of chips on my chest

OKAY.  Got all that off my chest.  Those worries seem much stupider when you actually put them in print.  Swirling around my brain, they seem to have a lot of power.

The reality is that I need to move on to the next chapter in ABSolution!.  I still feel the benefits of the first two workouts, but I know they are too easy for me and I know I need a challenge and something new to bust up that muscle memory and blah blah blah, get over yourself and just do it.

So here comes the monkey wrench.  Today I’m moving into Chapter Three:  Rehabilitation/Stabilization II.  I will go through all the new exercises in this chapter today and report back tomorrow.

You heard it here first. Wish me luck!

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