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Why we’re doing the “Home Gym”.

May 28, 2010

Why on earth would a PT employee of Lifetime Fitness need to create a home gym? This is the question I often ask myself until I make the trek to my new job location over 20 miles away. When I transferred to the new site after our move – it looked like, on paper,  the perfect compromise to keep the job & membership I have loved for nearly 2 years. What I’m finding is that I dread the drive, often getting hung up at stoplights and making my drive nearly 40 minutes. All for a job that pays too little (though the free membership rocks), that’s too far away and takes nearly the same amount of time to get there compared to what I actually work. This is 2 days a week. Now, add in trips to actually work out and I’ve exhausted my need and desire to be at the actual gym.

My husband gave up his portion of our Lifetime membership months ago, and now I’m faced with the challenge of letting my membership and job go altogether. Part of this transition has been to build a room at the house where we can achieve our fitness goals without the need of my job or the facility. The Mr. did his homework and got the Powerblock system – (made right here in Owatonna, MN) and a fantastic Body-Solid – exercise bike from Direct Buy. Target supplied the medicine ball, resistance bands and Gaiam stability ball. I’ve yet to purchase a Bosu ball, which I desperately want and need!  With some technical difficulties and shipping issues it took a few weeks to pull it altogether, but it’s finally in order! A little more paint on the walls, some mirrors, inspirational quotes displayed and we’re all set! We’re as full functioning as anyone could need.

I’ve discovered that with ABSolution, it costs very little to do my workouts at home. In fact, the biggest investment in our home gym are items that I don’t even need to get through Swen’s book. They are just add-ons that I appreciate for my cardio and total body weight training needs. I love that with a few simple steps and limited financial obligation, I am getting stronger each day. It’s amazing how our view of what fitness looks like and the myth that we must train like an Olympic athlete is simply that… a myth. Getting out of our rut and moving towards health conscious choices is all it takes. Start with a home gym. A designated place to make it all possible.

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