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So…I’m Flexible (Not Literally)

May 31, 2010

As far as my intentions in the previous post, all I will say is this:  Damn you, Tosh.O!

So, I really pushed hard the following morning.  Ran a full mile.  Without stopping.  I know –  there’ll be time at the end of this for autographs.

Then I went to pursue my goal, which was blowing through all of Chapter 3.

Except…here’s where Cami’s lesson on reading the old directions comes into play, I guess.  A closer look revealed that I hadn’t done all the exercises in Chapter 2 yet!  I had done Workout #2.  Big difference.  Numbers aren’t my thing, apparently.

Anyway, I did supersets of these exercises and now I HURT (but in a good way):

Bridge with Feet on Stability Ball: LOVE

Prone Walkout on Stability Ball: kinda like a pushup

The 100:  Legs at 1:00: OUCH

Table Top Single Leg Reach: looks totally harmless…until you do it

Straight Leg Lowering: see above.

Pulse Up with Resistance Band Pulldown: have to spend more time with this one.  I don’t think I did the movement correctly until the last few reps.   I hate it when that happens.  I’m still fatigued from the move, but know it wasn’t done right so I feel incompetent.  This is the main reason I hate yoga, btw.

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  1. cami permalink
    June 1, 2010 5:06 pm

    I hate yoga too. I also think it’s funny when you said “looks totally harmless… until you do it” HA! That made me laugh out loud. Because most exercises look like that to me. In fact, I often think.. hmm… how is this going to work me out???

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