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Showing how “ability” can evolve, even for me.

June 1, 2010

To suggest that I am a klutz with a capital K would be too strong a diagnosis. I’ve often wondered what appropriate word could be used for someone who tends to be athletic in so many ways, but can’t hike up a mountain without tripping over every rock and tree root. I was a competitive dancer for many years, played collegiate volleyball and as a youth touched nearly every sport imaginable.. yet, I find daily tasks of loading laundry to be dangerous and potentially hazardous to my body. I’ve been told that I simply “go too fast”. This might be a nice way of saying that they are concerned for my safety, rather than an excuse for my accidents. I’ve got the bruises to prove this. And usually, I have no idea where the bruise came from!

That said, when you put me in front of a stability ball, I am grateful to be alone in my home gym rather than on stage for the viewing pleasure of others in the club. I’ve done the SB in the club and most days are good. I balance my way on and perform novice moves with ease.. and dare I say, some dazzling moments of grace. Sometimes I get so confident in my balance, that I opt to move onto a more proficient move and find myself catapulting my body a direction the exercise never intended. Thank goodness there is a mirror so I can see the carnage that is taking place in front of me. Dare I say I’d rather not have to witness my own lumbering.

I have worked at it over the past year. I get back on the proverbial horse (or ball in this case) and I do my workouts. It may only be in my head, but with the lack of audience, I think I actually do a much better job at home with my exercises on the SB.  ABSolution has the instructions for an exercise with full illustration which makes it nearly fool proof to begin the process of mastering it. Swen is definitely pushing the boundaries of my comfort on the ball, but with it has come tighter abs and a confidence on the ball that I’ve never had before. So with ever increasing pride in my abilities, I’m putting the “ability” back into stability.

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