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Confessions of a Core Dork

June 2, 2010

I just wanted to get this out and then we don’t have to speak of it again.

This Memorial Day weekend, instead of boating or camping or traveling or picnicking or any of that nonsense, the husband and I just stayed home.  Our friends took our 7-year-old daughter camping (outsourcing!  brilliant!) and we had probably the laziest weekend in North America.

Yesterday found us lounging in our front yard, reading our separate books.  The husband was sitting in the hammock swing under the tree and I was lying on a blanket on the lawn.   We like to be together.  Just not do anything together.  Anyhoodle.

That’s not the dorky part.  The dorky part is that whenever I rolled to my stomach, I would do a Plank.  Just to feel how it went, or to see how many paragraphs I could read (11) before I collapsed.

And when I rolled on my back (hey, the ground is lumpy!  which is why you don’t ever catch me camping!) I would do the Bridging  On Mat pose.

One must be productive while one lounges about reading, right?

So yeah.  I’m a dork.  But it felt good and I’ll probably keep doing it, because I tend to a) read  b)  read while lying prone or supine.   You now have permission to dork out as well, as far as I’m concerned.

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