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How Star Wars became part of my workout.

June 3, 2010

A genius thought just passed through my mind as I was working out. There’s no child care center for the home gym. HA! Of course I theoretically knew this going into it — but do you remember, I have “paper fantasies” that keep me forging ahead while ignoring obstacles. Which can be a fantastic personality trait as I tend to roll with the punches — but where did these little gnomes come from while I’m working out today? I guess I’ve kept them thoroughly occupied during my other sessions. However, today… today was my day for an audience!

It started with genuine enthusiasm for what Mom was up to. Followed by 2 youngsters grabbing resistance bands and “working out” along side me. Of course, my middle child is convinced all the while that he is FOR SURE working out harder than me. So as the thrill of the first 5 minutes died out.. my new workout consisted of someone kicking my stability ball while I was in the middle of an exercise or multiple Star Wars characters were beginning to perch on my back “they are helping you with their ‘force’ Mama!!” I guess this distraction is more a chance for me to build my character and patience. It beats the sweaty old guy at the gym whose shorts are too short and he’s sitting on the bench in far too precarious of a position. MUST NOT LOOK.. ISH! Or the guy who is constantly checking his reflection in the mirror to see his muscles. Then there’s the bodybuilding lady who looks like she wants to squash me like a grape, all the while in her head insisting that its ludacris for me to be there without trying to look like her. No.. this home gym rids me of the unnecessary scenery that I got all too used to. But today, I miss Mr. Nasty Shorts, Mr. Vain and Mrs. Muscles. For a moment, I missed the child care center that so graciously gave me my hour to avoid what I encountered today.

That said, I’m thankful for my children and as the days go by, they will grow weary of being part of my workout routine and wander back into the toy filled room provided for them conveniently across the hall from the workout room. But, they will see what being healthy is all about. They will learn that there is an important time of day to take care of our bodies and I look forward to when I can work out beside them and teach them how to make their bodies strong. But, for now, I’ll settle with the extra work I need to put into staying on the stability ball because someone is kicking it.. and pray that the “force” is with me.

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  1. carrie-lynn permalink
    June 5, 2010 4:26 pm

    Love the Mr. Vain, Mr. Nasty Shorts, and Mrs. Muscles – we have our own versions at my YMCA!

    I think it’s a good example you are setting, because even with built-in child care, that can be hard. My daughter resists going to the Y now, because she’s “sick of swimming lessons” and wants to just do something with me. It’s very hard to put your kids aside and do what’s best for your health – I struggle with this every day. But I think seeing you working out is really a good thing in the long run (though not the easy thing!)


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