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Music is the heart of my workout!

June 4, 2010

Today I decided to do Chapter 3: Workout #4

This was a fabulous workout. But my workout music was ALL wrong. Let me break it down for you.

  • Pulse Up — fantastic for a little 1928 by Califone.
  • Partial Roll-Up, No Assist — SLOW motion.. again, appreciated my Califone tone.
  • Bridges on SB with Hip Lift — Happy to be in my home gym on this one. With my core being less than ripped currently, I found this to get a little wobbly. But it was an obvious killer core exercise. I have a love-hate relationship with it already. Music should ramp up more though. Something to keep you aggressively focused. I WAS listening to Any Day Now by Missy Higgins, but may I suggest Get Back Up by tobyMac.
  • Oblique Crunch on BOSU — Had to skip this one until I pick up my BOSU tonight. Will let you know!
  • Prone Plank on SB with Movement I — Oh ya. Kick up the NOISE for this one. You’re working your butt off. I was thankful to have had Mess of Me by Switchfoot playing. Turn it up!!!
  • SB Chest Raise Arms in “Goal Post” — You get ease up on the music for this. It’s a good fluid motion and should be very focused. I enjoyed Whataya Want from Me by Adam Lambert.
  • Side Plank with Reach Under — LOVED this exercise. I’ll probably do way more than the suggested amount. It just feels good. I think I like holding my hand in a fist and brining it across my body like I’m a famous boxer. (don’t shoot down my dream!) I left Adam rocking out… worked perfect, thought would have been completely fine with Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble.
  • Prisoner Squat — I’ve always been a fan of the fluidness of the squat. I think it’s one of the best exercises overall for all shapes/sizes. For position purposes only, my home gym is DESPERATE for a large mirror in it. But after doing this exercise for so many years on and off, I think I’ve got it down. (I would hope!) I listened to Just Dance by Lady Gaga and found the tempo of the song to be just about perfect as long as you kept it to a count of 4 and usually at the chorus of the song (down 1 2 3 4, up 1 2 3 4) Don’t rush it!
  • 3 Direction Crunches on SB —  I stuck with Lady Gaga for this, but would have also enjoyed Modern Men by The Watson Twins which remains mellow enough to keep my focus on my abs and what they should & shouldn’t be doing.


Started making a list of wants/needs for the home gym that it’s lacking.

  • Stand up fan. There is NO air movement in there and it’s quite claustrophobic!
  • The carpet needs to be torn out and a hard floor installed. I hate to be so dramatic, but the carpet is far too cushiony and soft for a sweaty body. Let’s stick to hardwood and exercise mats.
  • The room is naked without a BOSU ball. Never thought I’d think that, but didn’t realize how much I enjoyed using it a the gym until I lacked one.
  • Why did I get rid of my Reebok Step from the late 90s? We kept moving it around and it never really got used over the years – kind of like our Total Gym (you know the one, Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley!) that became a clothesline catchall. But like other things I hoard, I refuse to get rid of things for this exact day and moment…. the moment I realize that I really should have kept it and I’m filled with REGRET! I’ll have to look into another step. Hmpff.
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  1. carrie-lynn permalink
    June 5, 2010 4:27 pm

    thanks for the music suggestions? a new energized playlist is a big motivator for getting me into the gym!

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