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Mood-Altering Playlists, Part I

June 18, 2010

It’s a given that fast beats accompany most cardio workouts.  For me, this is usually a mash-up of Top 40, hip-hop and death metal, with the occasional indie band offering a helping hand.

But what works for me while doing an ABSolution! workout is not Lady GaGa.

Sure, there have been days when I want an up-tempo fitness soundtrack, but when first learning new movements, I like something steady and contemplative.  But not too contemplative.   It’s a fine line.

Here’s a list of tunes that have worked well in keeping me focused by not overly spazzy:“I Decline” / Union of Knives

“Temptation” / Moby

“Hearing Damage” / Thom Yorke

“We Own The Sky” / M83

“Sometime Around Midnight” / The Airborne Toxic Event

“Kiss Me At The Gate” / The New Monarchs

“Run” / Snow Patrol

“Trani” / Kings of Leon

“Cigarettes, Wedding Bands” / Band of Horses

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