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I know a friend who can’t do a “V” sit.

June 22, 2010

You see a baby who is learning to walk. And it’s the kid who has a head that’s in the 100th percentile but a body in the 50th. You know the one. She looks awkward, but we know she’ll grow into her head. It’s just a matter of time. For now though, she stumbles and is lead by her head. Running into walls, bouncing off furniture, her legs – unable to balance that head for long periods of time.

Then there is, hypothetically, a women who is almost 35 and doing ABSolution. She works hard to master the exercises to get maximum results. Because she knows that with perfection of a pose, comes a muscular response.. and a good one at that!

She searches for her workouts and finds the Knee to Chest Crunches. Mastering and enjoying this, she moves into the “V” Sit Crunches. She expects this to run a similar smooth course.

She wants to perform the exercise with ease and grace, while also having a good static hold at the top of the movement. She learns very quickly that she is exactly like that baby with the ginormous head. The ease of a pendulum, this is NOT. The swinging of the body up into this crunch is next to impossible for her body. But why? I’m not sure if it’s her butt, large elephant feet or the complete inability to sit in a V position without falling back over. This is a struggle for her.

What about you? If this were you (and I’m not saying this story is about me)… but if it WERE, how would you do this? OR, do you have problems with this at all? Is it just me… I mean, her?

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