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Confessions of a Home Gym’er

June 29, 2010

A home gym’er is what I call myself now. It’s a made up term of course and spell check can’t figure it out — but I know exactly what it is and how it works now. I used to think that the home gym was just a room filled with expensive clothing racks. A place to hang the wet shirts after the laundry is done, or the dirty ones when you don’t want to deal with them in that moment. A place for the kids to have their own inside jungle gym.. I never had visions that people actually got out of bed in the morning to go in there and work out. Like, can you imagine someone setting their alarm, getting workout clothing on and going in there at a scheduled, premeditated time to work out? Preposterous!!

I’m not the one that sets the alarm for my workouts… yet. My husband is that one. He literally gets up every day of the week, by way of some God awful morning hour before work, and kicks up some sweat down there. It ROCKS! And quite frankly, his body is starting to rock too. TMI.

Aside from that.. I’ve been less calculated about my workouts, but have become the home gym’er nonetheless. The struggles (aside from previous topic on home gym needs) that I still have are more in line with self discipline, motivation and drivers. Being an Interior Decorator, I move furniture around a lot. In my home, clients home, etc.. So it’s of no shock that I started moving things around in the home gym too. My hubby was given one room in the house that he could “decorate” yet I find myself shamefully wanting and needing to be a participant in some of the decisions. My first order of business was to turn the bike away from the wall. It was literally facing a wall (at an angle) but still there! I now look to the interior of the room and it’s less suffocating. Had I been looking at a picture of Lance Armstrong in all his glory on the wall, I may have found inspiration – but he is not there. I’m not sure my husband is as thrilled with my little room arranging play time – but I’m happy to move it back for him if he wants to stare at the drywall.

Moving on from my gigantic tangent.. The biggest challenge I find is the lack of self motivating peer pressure that the real gym can offer. We make a financial commitment to be involved and by golly, I don’t like to waste money –  so I’d show up. Then you’d get the kids into the child care center and know that someone might wonder why you’re back in 5 minutes if you just weren’t feeling it that day. So, what else is there to do but go and work out? The gods of the gym will be so proud and you’re noticing changes in all 900 of the mirrors there – so you press on. At home — this is not the case! In fact, most days it takes everything in my power to force myself in there. No one to hold me accountable. No one cares. I lean into this struggle though and get in that room. It’s sometimes like a trip to the dentist filled with hesitation, eye rolling and moaning. Then other days it’s like my brain is on overdrive with nothing but itself to entertain it. No people watching, no tvs. So, today was a workout full of nonsense and/or brilliance.. I’ll let you decide. Here were my thoughts.

  • Would this room look better if it had a disco ball in it? I mean really, where have I had the most fun? What says “you’re having a good time” like a disco ball? A little glam, a little funk.. hmm..
  • Why is that damn Mr. Potato Head staring at me from the haphazard child care center  (i.e. A place where we put the kids toys) out the door? He’s the one that should be in here doing ABSolution with that potato shape of his. He’s judging my every move with those penetrating and relentless eyes – I just know it.
  • I think with the amount of bare wall space in this room.. a prison cot might look nice in here. At least I could lay down and die if I so choose too.
  • It’s really amazing how I can repair Transformer toys while I’m biking. I can also disarm my toddler from killing his older brother with just a “look”. There’s got to be an award for this type of parenting/multitasking.
  • Singing this loud, really helps me breath better. Should I get a karaoke machine that we could set up mics at different stations in the room? Imagine how much more we could get done while belting out tunes that we love. I’m really feeling the freedom of not having to silence my need to sing along with my iPod when I was at Lifetime.
  • I think if Mr. Potato and I could get over this creepy staring thing.. we might be able to save the world from it’s woes.
  • Who would have thought that doing the ABSolution exercise Clams would be so difficult. It is shocking to realize how bad my hips are. They are about as flexible as a two by four being twisted into a pretzel. I always thought those degenerative hip issues that my cousins have talked about were not genetic, perhaps that’s still not the issue.. but c’mon! At this rate, I’ll be posting on Facebook that I’m needing hip replacement by the time I’m 40. I think this exercise will have to be a daily one until I see some improvement. I might as well throw in the Hip External Rotation with RB as this is another great one in my quest to not fall and break a hip.
  • Aside from saving the world with Spud.. I’m going to write my own circuit training with ABSolution balanced into it. Yes. That is what I will do. It will give our cores a good solid workout, but also bring our other extremities into the mix. Please stop back this week for what’s sure to be a fantastic full body workout.
  • Why is it so quiet in the toy room? That can’t be a good sign.
  • This room needs some towels.
  • Shelving on that wall might look nice with rolled towels… Oops, there I go again – decorating the room I’ve given to the Mr.

On goes the quest to become a better, more committed home gym’er that is sane and strong.


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