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Core Exercise of the Day: Heel Taps

July 6, 2010

Heel Taps (p. 13 ABSolution!)

Target Muscle: Transverse Abdominis.  Many people refer to this muscle as the “lower abdominal” muscle.  In truth, it is the “deepest” abdominal muscle.  Its prime function is to stabilize the spine.  The transverse abdominis is recruited prior to other abdominals and is not dependent on trunk movement.  It assists other large muscle groups with force transference through the spine.  Therefore, the transverse abdominis plays a very important role in Posture and Balance.  If the transverse abdominis does not function properly, loss of spinal stability will likely lead to low back pain and/or other musculoskeletal concerns.


  • Pelvic Imprint Position or posterior pelvic tilt.  Picture yourself lying on your back and “pulling” your navel toward your back, in turn flattening your low back against the mat. Another way to picture this is to imagine rolling a rubber ball from your pubic bone to your navel.  One catch, your hips must stay on the mat and your glutes must be relaxed!
  • Table Top Position.  Lie on your back.  Lift your feet off the mat and position your hips at 90 degrees of flexion (knees point straight up toward the ceiling).  Now lift your feet so your knees are flexed to 90 degrees (lower leg parallel with the mat).

Now it’s your turn!  On the floor people! 🙂

Goal:  3 sets of 10 each leg.  *If your back starts to arch during one of your sets, take a break.  Reposition your pelvis and start again.

Be Well!


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