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Core Exercise of the Day: MB Squat Swing

July 23, 2010

MB Squat Swing:  Page 82 ABSolution!

You may be wondering:  How is a squat a core exercise?  Good question.  In fact, a squat would not necessarily be considered a “direct” core strengthening exercise.  However, as a functional movement, a squat is actually part of a test to determine core stability and range of motion.  As part of the Functional Movement Screen, the “Deep Squat” assesses bilateral, symmetrical and functional mobility of the hips, knees, and ankles, as well as extension of the spine.

To perform a squat correctly, your abdominals and back should be contracted in order to maintain the natural curves of the spine and protect the low back.  Generally, this means:  Keep your chest up, your butt out, and your shins as close to vertical as possible.  Use a mirror or a partner to watch your form.

The MB Squat Swing is part of the last chapter of exercises in ABSolution! (Strength/Performance) because control of the core (in a neutral position) with movement is the ultimate goal of core strengthening:  protection of the spine with functional movement.

Be Well!

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