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13 Questions I Had While Working Out Today

July 27, 2010

1)  Is there a personality type involved with respect to people who like team sports v. individual sports?

2)  What do you people who aren’t writing fiction books think about while you are running/lifting weights/otherwise exerting yourselves?

3)  Does sitting weaken our cores?

4) How do activities that make you sweat differ, results-wise, from an activity like swimming, where your body temperature doesn’t overheat?  Is there a water-proof iPod?  That is the only way I would be able to stand swimming.  I don’t like listening to myself breathe that heavily.

5)  Why does it seem like yoga, Pilates and rehabilitative exercises are all really the same thing?

6)  Why did Lance Armstrong bother with the last two Tour de France competitions?  Why not just date supermodels from here on out?

7)  Why do I love core exercises when I’m feeling premenstrual?  Am I crazy?   Do other women enjoy them at different times of the month?

8)  Why doesn’t that power-walking lady on the track with me get a better sports bra?  ACK, the bouncing!   Seriously, it’s hurting me just looking at her.

9)  Tosca Reno says a good strong butt is more important than six-pack abs – is she right?

10)  Why do old men wearing short shorts do leg lifts?  WHY GOD WHY

11)  Am I snotty for thinking some of those dudes hitting the weights sit WAY too long between sets?

12)  My mid-gut seems smaller, but not tighter after several weeks of my ABSolution work.  But my sides – that’s the technical term, right? – seem tighter.  What’s going on?

13)  How do you know when it’s time to buy new running shoes?

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  1. July 27, 2010 6:29 pm

    Random answers to a few questions 🙂
    3. Inactivity in general will weaken your core. Slouching while you sit is poor posture, and requires less effort from the core muscles, so it definitely doesn’t help your core. Sitting upright with good posture requires more effort and energy, so in a sense helps you strengthen your core.

    5. Many rehabilitative exercises do have a Pilates-like approach. The idea is to start with Stabilization by strengthening the deep core muscles, just like in Pilates. Yoga can be a pretty intense workout, so I wouldn’t quite put it in the same category as rehab (at least when you first start a rehab program).

    6. No doubt! But, like many competitive athletes, it is really hard to admit its time to hang it up! I know this from experience 😉

    7. Probably because we feel bloated and moody, and those exercise make us feel like our stomachs aren’t really blown up like a balloon, even though it seems that way. Plus, they require a little more focus and breathing, which might help stabilize your mood. Last, exercise in general releases endorphins, the feel good hormones!

    11. Yes and No. Sometimes, those dudes are doing near max weights, so they should have a full recovery between sets. However, most of the time they are not, and yes, they sit too long!

    12. Interesting. It could be your body-type?? We all typically lose weight from certain areas quicker than other areas (even though there is no such thing as spot reduction!) Its just your body and where it doesn’t want to let go of that little extra weight. The question is, when you do your exercises and are contracting your abdominals, do you get a nice, solid contraction from all of your abs? Or are the sides (obliques is the word your looking for 😉 dominating the other muscles groups?

    13. Every 350-550 miles depending on your body weight, your running style, and the surface you run on. Here’s a good link to check out.

    Thanks for the questions!

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