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Impromptu Home Gym Pitfalls

July 27, 2010

So as Swen mentioned in the comments of this post, working on my quads and hamstrings might be a good way to fix this soreness and pain I’ve having in my right hip.  (Why only one side?  I’m right-handed?  Is this normal?)

I decided to run through the recommended movements in my living room, as I had a rare moment of calm – no kids around – and my hip was bugging.  As Cami will attest, using your home to exercise is not without difficulty.

Lessons Learned:

1)  Put the dog outside first. He thinks me lying there on my yoga mat is an invitation to lick my face and play.

2)  Sweep living room floor. Where is all this debris coming from?  Dog hair, clumps of dirt, dead leaves from the plants, a shriveled blueberry, all sticking to me and my yoga mat.  All this yuck is demoralizing.

3) Don’t turn on the television. This just distracts you and makes you lose count.  Podcasts or music next time!

What lessons have you learned from your home gym?

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