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I’m back? Yes, I’m back.

July 29, 2010

There are moments in life that shift our attentions elsewhere. Sometimes they come and only cause a small speed bump and we keep moving forward. Other times we get hit by a wave and it sends us spiraling out of control to the bottom of the ocean. We need time and directions to get back to the surface to continue our journey. The second notion is me. I didn’t quite hit the bottom of the ocean, but I spiraled out of control for several weeks. It started with a cold, then a week of camp in WI and finally crashed with 2 deaths in the family. How on earth did all those worlds collide? I hesitate to call it the “Perfect Storm” – but it was.

Finally though.. I AM BACK! However, this journey has lead me to want to say many other things along the way from.. I’ll be back, I think I’ll be back, I sure as heck better be back, I’m not sure if I want to be back, to Eventually I will get back! But, back I am and now it’s time to dig in!

I started back into my routine by biking outdoors with my 5 yr old in tow. We have this killer hill that is fantastic to go down, but always ends up being the last leg of my bike trip back home. There’s no avoiding it and no other roads to get to my house. I was heading up the dastardly thing when I realized that my lack of working out for over a month, may in fact, kill me. I am certain that Lance Armstrong doesn’t have to endure such pain of dragging a 50 lb child up the mountains. Let’s just call my hill what it is.. a darn mountain!  I never stood up, I just peddled until my legs were done working. I was breathing like a cow in heat. Ya, that’s what I just said.

When I finally regained my composure and my child stopped snickering from the Burley, I ran down (or better said, slunk down) to my exercise room and opened up my ABSolution book. I worked hard and probably had a look of disgust on my face – but the pain for the sake of bettering myself, made it all feel right in the world again. It’s quite amazing that our bodies respond so well, even when we let them down. The muscles want to be worked, the endorphins want to be pumping… all is right and good again for the body. It thanks me with that beaten down, but satisfied ache and begs me to come back again.

I reply… I’ll Be Back!

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