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Oops I did it again..

August 2, 2010

Hit that hill again today. Yep. I did!

Only this time, with my husband off to work, I upped my challenge to pulling both boys. (um, that’s about 90 pounds of kid) Why shouldn’t I? I mean, I just got back on that proverbial horse of working out and now I was acting like I WAS a horse. I think this small town, farm town has made me nuts. So the hill is the only way to get anywhere in this town from my neighborhood, so as joyous as it was to go down.. WWWEEEEEEEEEEE…  I had to face it again to get home. To return my children to the safety of being dragged up Mt Everest by their obsessed, insane (you fill in your own blank here), Mother.

Let’s rewind just about 3 hours though and start from the beginning. The boys and I are having an outstanding morning. Swimming lessons are done. Books are returned to the library. The air is comfortable and not bearing it’s relentless soul of heat. I am preparing to make lunch and I get this wild hair. This incredible and physically possible plan. Ha Ha. “Hey Boys! Let’s bike into town and get some burgers at Chuggers!” Of course they were game for this! They get to ride in style and Mom does all the work. They get burgers and Mom gets to bike them back.

Off we go then. I put my iPod on with a smile on my face and a full water bottle. The ride begins lovely. Inspirational. Invigorating. Wildly Ignorant. We head into town and there is a small incline to the burger joint. I’m pushing forward though and I laughed out loud when my iPod songs lyrics were “now I’m thinking, two is better than one” That is exactly the opposite of what I was thinking. 2 kids in the back was way harder than one and if this little incline was burning my legs – then I was in for a world of hurt on the way home.

Dread. The burgers have been eaten, soda drank. It’s time to head home. Which, like leaving a vacation, the journey there is always so much more exciting than the leaving! But off I go with reserved and timid enthusiasm. THE hill waits. As if God is insisting that I keep my sense of humor about me – the last 20 pedals up the hill served me another doozy of song lyrics… “heaven can wait, and hell is too far ago”  (I heard the words “hell is too far to go” – which made more sense at the moment of dead quads) I laughed again and found the leftover energy to get to my house and collapse onto the grass.

I’d hate to be less ambitious in my workouts and fall back into the gluttony of not doing anything – but I think it’s time to adhere to some more sensible bouts of energy and set realistic expectations without killing myself along the way. I may be humorous to watch crying up the hill, but let’s not be the small town idiot of the week.

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