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You’re working too hard?

August 19, 2010

Would you believe that you can workout too hard and not get the results you desire because of it?? I didn’t think it was possible for so long, that I’d go to the gym with my own agenda of what I thought was a good workout. Pushing myself to exhaustion and never really getting where I wanted to be. The fear of bulkiness was becoming a reality, yet I had always believed that I could create lean toned muscles by whatever I did, as long as I was working those muscles. Now, envision with me, a college athlete that does the workout she’s instructed to do. Never questioning what it’s really doing for me and how it affected my body. I didn’t have any real goals, except to play volleyball and be the best I could be at it. If plyometrics at 5am and weightlifting were part of it, I was just doing it. Fast forward a few years out of college and working out takes on an entirely new meaning. It serves a purpose and I have a “look” in mind that I’m going for. With no set agenda, and a dozen fitness experts rattling around in my head, I perform an aggressive work out with power lifting, awkward running on a treadmill and a variety show of copy cat moves I’d seen on late night T.V.

Hmmm… This is NOT working for me. Not to mention, I feel like I’m killing myself and exhausting myself for nothing.

Fast forward a few more years. I discover there is a method to our fitness needs that once discovered – will change the routine completely. I don’t work as hard, and get tremendous results. Is that possible? Yes! Emphatically Yes! I do circuit training. It’s the very best thing for me. It often takes me half the time of others that are at the gym and I think I’m getting the same if not better results. I don’t have a case study going on this, but with some basic observation, their bodies aren’t changing and mine is.

Now, before you go off and try something half assed because “Cami said it was okay” – it’s not really what I’m suggesting. For me, it was a reality check of the intensity I was putting into all the wrong workouts. A combo of cardio and ABSolution is the perfect, full body workout for me. It gives me the results I was looking for and I don’t feel exhaustion from the workout – instead I feel revitalized! Isn’t that what we are really looking for? It’s not like I’m trying to win bodybuilding contests, or have any intention of challenging a beef cake to an arm wrestling contest. But I am fitting in my clothing the way I want to and seeing myself in the mirror the way I had hoped.

Find what works for you!

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