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Drab Workout Wear?

September 2, 2010

How many times do we grab the old worn out t-shirt and baggy shorts to head to the gym? I know I do. I rarely spend any money or time making my workout wear work for me. But, after receiving a great new outfit this past Christmas, I realized that it’s worth its weight in gold to feel great in what you’re wearing to the gym. It should no longer be just the afterthought hauled out of the corner of your room. And it certainly should not be for impressing others at the gym. What I’m talking about is the feeling YOU get when you wear it, and the uninterrupted workout that comes along with it. Imagine a world where your shorts don’t need to be removed from your butt every 30 seconds on the treadmill. Or dare I say that we keep our breasts in place the entire time too?? CRAZY! Well.. it can happen.

What better time to freshen up that workout wear section of your closet than back to school time! You’re already at the malls shopping for the kiddos – what’s to say you can’t get a new look for the fall/winter months that will be hard enough trudging through the snow to get to. Have some new pieces to make getting there a breeze. Your confidence will soar and who knows, you might even feel a little sexy. God forbid we feel good about ourselves, just as we are, with a new top and shorts 🙂  Don pieces that accentuate your figure – even if you’re still perfecting it.

Here are the best tips I’ve read about  in order to make great selections for yourself:

  1. Shop for your body type. If you have broad shoulders, then avoid racerbacks in favor of v-necks! Are you petite? Opt for long pants over cropped styles.
  2. Buy clothing tagged for your activity when possible. For Yoga, think roomy and comfortable. Runners? You need extra support.
  3. Do a few jumping jacks in the dressing room! If clothing restricts movement or rides up, you might as well know before those tags are removed and you’ve made your way home.
  4. Surf the internet. A couple good ones are and They have easy to use sizing guids and liberal return policies.
  5. Embrace synthetics. These high performance fabrics do everything from keeping your body cool to protecting you from the sun.
  6. Go seamless. These types of designs limit chafing. And, really.. who wants chafing?
  7. Have your workout pants hemmed. The right length will keep you from tripping. Added bonus? Your legs will look leaner.
  8. Use a gentle detergent like Nathan Sports wash ($10 at and cold water. Hang dry to prevent fabrics from breaking down and becoming misshapen.
  9. Replace your sports bra every 12-18 months to ensure proper support and comfort.
  10. Buy in bulk. When you find a piece you absolutely love, grab a second one (or third and fourth)!

Happy shopping!!

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