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10 Ways to Break Out of a Fitness Slump

September 28, 2010

It seems that every person I run into these days is going through some kind of fitness slump:  unmotivated, skipping workouts, eating poorly, etc.    Its time to break out of the duldrums and get back to fitnessopolis, aka, the gym.  Here’s how.

1.  Re-evaluate your Goals.  Remember, the ones you WROTE when you started working out 6 months ago?  Put a big, gold star on the goals you have accomplished, and re-write the ones you need to work on.  Set challenging, yet realistic goals.  Be specific!  How many times a week, how long, how much weight.  The more specific you can be, the better.

2.  Look at your calendar.  A change of seasons, transitions back to school, multiple school curriculum nights… are real challenges to maintaining a regular fitness routine.  Take a critical look at your calendar and plan your exercise so that it works for your schedule.  Try to make it as routine as possible.  You are more likely to stick with a fitness routine if it becomes an expected part of your day- just like brushing your teeth.

3.  Hire a personal trainer.  As they say, invest in your health now, or pay for it later.  You may not need more than a couple sessions and a few new workouts to get your butt in gear.

4.  Find a gym buddy.  Research shows that working out with a friend improves participation and can even make you work out harder and longer.

5.  Update your ipod.  New music, new mood, new motivation.

6.  Join a group fitness class.  Accountability and motivation come from a set date and time, as well as an instructor and peers.

7.  Get out your skinny jeans and try them on.

8.  Journal or log your activity, diet, weight.  Any information that you want to measure or evaluate.  Having that information in writing is a visual cue and can help hold you accountable to your goals.

9.  Take a picture of yourself- dressed or naked, whichever one will make you run, walk, swim, step that extra mile.

10.  Suck it up.  Go workout.  You’ll be glad you did.  I asked my client (nearly 60 yo) if she has been going through the fitness duldrums lately.  Her response “No, some days I may not feel like I have enough energy to workout, but once I get started I kinda forget and just get it done.  The same hour is going to go by if I don’t workout, so might as well do something good for myself.”

Be Well!

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