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I will work out and eat my cake too.

October 28, 2010

Riveting, I know. What a title.

It’s been a journey to the center of the earth and back, or maybe just to stellar health and back to laziness. But either way, I’ve had journeys and I think I’ve come to a conclusion – at least for 2010.

  • I don’t want to be at a BMI that’s too large or too small.
  • I want to wear skinny jeans and avoid a muffin top.
  • I want to make 80% of my food choices good – but I’ll be darned if I miss an opportunity to bake something tasty.
  • I want to be fit, but am okay if it’s not at the same level as Jillian Michael.

How do I accomplish this though? I know I can be obsessive and be successful that way, or I can be the exact opposite with gluttony and be successful at that too. But how. How do I create a world where I can have the aforementioned bullet list? I’m still on a journey with that, because as I bake that last batch of cupcakes, smell that pizza cooking or the coca-cola tempting me – I often fall off the wagon to the wrong side of the tracks. Why isn’t it that I fall right into the arms of my brown rice, spinach and baked chicken breast. I don’t see myself leaping into the open arms of the stationery bike either. No. The longing and satisfying arms of fat and carbs win every time.

But, I’m standing at the gates of health, and I’m making a statement that I WILL exercise. I WILL be healthy. And I WILL eat a slice of cake at your birthday party if you offer it.

That’s enough for the step I’m on today. In fact, I just peeled myself off the ground of my workout room, a sweaty mess – and wonder why I want to bake cupcakes to celebrate. But there will be no cupcakes today. I’m currently firing up my rice cooker and brown rice will be a tasty reward in itself. I’m saving myself for my kids Halloween candy. How bout’ you?


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