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Fit Resolve?

January 3, 2011

Huge numbers of well-intentioned people are flocking to gyms across the country right now.   Parking lots will be jammed, equipment in-use, classes full, and lockers in short supply.  Resolutions have a powerful impact, at least for the next 3 months.

My challenge for you in 2011, map out your fitness plan for the entire year.  This doesn’t mean that you need to write down every day that you plan on going to the gym.  Take a look at each month- what will your general fitness plan look like?  For example: January- Gym (3 days/week): build baseline cardio, core strength.

February- Gym (3-4 days/week): continue cardio, try a fitness class.

March- Gym (3-4 days/week): Cardio, Try Bootcamp class

April- Start running outside, first 5K on 4/26/11.

May- Run outside 2x/week, Play tennis 2x/week.

June- Run first 1/2 marathon on 6/5/11.

You get the idea?  Make it a General Fitness Map of 2011.  Keep it in a place that you won’t forget and check it each month.  Make revisions as needed.  Best practice would also be to include a “goal” for each month.  However, if that is too overwhelming, just try to stick to your plan.

As everyone knows, optimum health and wellness is not achieved in 3 months.  Fitness is a lifestyle.  Plan activities that you enjoy throughout the year, and you will achieve real fitness results.

To Your Health!!


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