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Top 10: Do This, Not That.

February 18, 2011

Time is money.  Or time is of the essence.  Or time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking…  Whatever your interpretation of time, time at the gym should be well Spent.  I’m all about making the most of every minute I have at the gym, and you should be too.  So, without wasting anymore of your time, here is my top 10 Do This, Not That list for the gym.

10.  Ask a personal trainer/physical therapist for a consultation DON’T go it alone and see what happens.

9.  Planks Not Sit-ups.

8.  Functional, multi-joint/muscle exercises (ie. Reverse lunge with medicine ball lift and reach) NOT single joint/muscle exercises (ie. machine preacher curls).

7.  Oblique crunches NOT  Spine Twists, seated or otherwise- your back will thank me.

6.  Squats or lunges NOT leg extension machine- my knees hurt just thinking about it- ouch!@#$

5.  Circuit training NOT Multiple sets (with extended rest breaks) training.

4.  Full-body strength training NOT body-part training (unless you plan to be the next Mr./Ms. Olympia)

3.  Exercises that are appropriate for Your ability level NOT exercises that will prevent you from walking up stairs tomorrow or lifting your arms overhead.

2.  Free weights NOT machines-unless you are injured, then we can talk 😉

1.  Something you Enjoy NOT something you Hate.

Be Well!!



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