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Humbled by Yoga… again.

April 21, 2011

If ever I need a reminder that the physique I see in the mirror isn’t as strong as it looks, I go to Yoga.  That’s what I did today, and it didn’t let me down.

I am by no means, a yogi.  To which I realize that if I attended more classes, I may actually get better at this!  However, I seem to think that I’m just strong enough to get through an hour of sun salutations, downward dogs, planks, twists, etc. etc.  Today, I’m pretty sure I collapsed out of poses or made modifications faster than most others in attendance.  I’ll give myself a little credit for sticking it out for the entire hour (as there were a few who quietly exited before our final “ooooommmmm…”).

I’ve decided that the combination of holding a pose in a stretched position, a general lack of flexibility, and my minimal to moderate muscular endurance are the main reasons for my difficulty with Yoga.  Or maybe its because I’m not breathing as loudly as the woman next to me.   Actually I’d say there was more moaning in this class than breathing, but either way.

So how do I feel now?  Glad I did it, but would like to go back to the gym for some 10 rep lifts 😉

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