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Longevity and Strength

August 16, 2011

Prevention. A nearly impossible sell to insurance companies, a hard sell to the general public… so how about athletes? In college we lifted weights and did plyometrics to jump higher, move faster, and hit harder. I never once heard, “We’re doing this exercise to limit your risk of a knee injury.” Hopefully, college teams today are acknowledging what research has shown us, and are working with their athletes to prevent injuries that can change their athletic careers forever. And for the rest of us, times a tickin’, time to get your butt in gear- literally!

I am referencing research which demonstrated that weakness in specific core muscles are risk factors for lower extremity injuries including traumatic ACL tears, knee pain, ITBand friction syndrome, and stress fractures. It just so happens that several of those muscles are located in your butt. Specifically, hip abduction (lifting your leg to the side), hip external rotation (rotating your knee away from your body), hip and trunk extension (lifting leg behind, and backward bending), and abdominal strength.

The workout for this issue will consist of exercises that will mirror the same strength tests that were used in this research. Everyone knows you can play beach volleyball into your 40’s (or is that something I like to tell myself?!). Knee injuries happen at any age, so I would suggest starting these exercises today!

Good luck and Be Well!

Ball Combo #1, p. 69
Side plank with leg lift, p. 63
Knee to Chest Crunches, p. 74
Side step with RB or Sumo Squat with Leg Lift, p. 83

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